The 25th Anniversary of Misho School of Sissach

On April 18 and 19, Ikebana Misho School of Sissach celebrated its 25th Anniversary at Hotel Engel in Liestal. The event was highly successful; especially the demonstration of Iemotoshi Kei Hihara – the Misho-Master artist from Japan – attracted more than 200 visitors. Despite his hard schedule, he made time for visiting our event. During his short-stay in Switzerland, he worked energetically for us; visiting the flower shop to choose materials, preparation for the demonstration, arranging for the exhibition, checking and correcting all the 42 arrangements, performing the demonstration…and so on.

We also welcomed Ms. Yaeno Noda who holds very high qualified Misho’s diplomas. She comes to Switzerland every year to teach us “up-dated” Misho’s Ikebana. She arranged two elegant works at the exhibition and assisted Iemotoshi Kei Hihara at his demonstration. After the exhibition she lectured two workshops which will be covered in the next article.

Looking back, it is amazing what a big thing we made; actually the preparation for the event had begun with looking for an exhibition-venue one year ago. Until the day, the board members had meetings regularly and worked for their tasks. All the Misho-members also worked hardly and made the exhibition very great with their beautiful works. Of course, we must not forget the very big help from “The Ikebana-Husbands”. We could not manage to set up such a wonderful exhibition-venue without their help. On the stage, the performance of the Taiko-group Mushin enhanced the mood. This success has been brought about by a lot of people’s support and cooperation. Thank to Iemotoshi Kei Hihara, Ms. Yaeno Noda, all the visitors, all the people who helped us, all the Misho-members of Sissach, and “The Ikebana-Husbands”!!

Ikebana Misho Schule Sissach
Der nächste Workshop

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