Welcome to our blog "Ikebana Misho Sissach"!

We are the Ikebana ( the Japanese art of flower arrangement ) school in Sissach, Switzerland. It is very exciting to introduce our Ikebana Misho school to you. Here, we would like to write about various topics of Ikebana such as our regular lessons, workshops, events, etc. We hope we can meet and communicate with a lot of „Flower Friends“ through this blog. If you are interested in Ikebana, please leave your comments or contact us at ikebana.mishochapter(at)bluewin.ch (!!please key „@“ instead of „(at)“). Also please visit our homepage. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Ikebana Misho School Sissach

Here are some infos about…

…Ikebana and Misho school
Ikebana is one of the traditional arts of Japan. There are a lot of schools for Ikebana, developed in the long history. Misho is one of the old schools, founded in the end of 18th century. The very classic style of Misho, called „Kakubana“, had been completed in the beginning of 19th century. Today’s Kakubana is arranged according to these rules. Misho has also a lot of different novel and unique modern styles, called „Shinka“, which have been enriched since the 20th century.

…Ikebana Misho School Sissach, Switzerland
Misho School of Sissach was founded in 1984 by Regula Maier who had been in Japan for many years, and holds a very high qualified diploma for teaching Ikebana. Lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and workshops every two months are offered. Some exhibitions are also held for special occasions.

…The 25th Anniversary of Ikebana Misho School Sissach
We will celebrate our 25th Anniversary from April 17 to 19, 2009 at Hotel Engel in Liestal. There will be an exhibition, a demonstration, a Taiko ( Japanese drums ) concert, and so on. Everybody is welcome. The further details are here.

Kakubana (Iris)

Kakubana (Iris)

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